Insurance Services

The Iraqi General Insurance Company exercises all types of insurance, the most important of which are

Life insurance: Individual documents against normal death threats, terrorist acts ,accidents, and savings documents suitable for all ages .
Individual insurance: – The company practices life insurance (individual insurance). The individual insurance  includes the following types of insurance:

1-   Mixed insurance

2-  Joint mixed insurance

3-  Deferred insurance for children

4-  Insurance with repayment of premiums

5- Life insurance

 6- Temporary insurance

The types of (1-4) the company pays the amounts insured to the insured in one of the two cases if the insured remains alive until the end of the insurance period, or if he died before the end of the said period, so it is a guarantee and savings in the same time
As for the two types (5-6), the company pays the amounts insured in only one case is the death of the insured during the period of insurance in the temporary insurance period of insurance is limited by a number of years, either in life insurance the period of insurance is not specified,  the company pays the amount of insurance in Any time if death occurs.

The types of insurance mentioned above have additional benefits for certain premiums and these benefits are:

1 – Payment of double amount of the insurance upon the death of the insured by accident.

2 – Payment of additional insurance amount in the case of the death of the insured by accident and pay compensation to the insured himself if the accident caused atotal permanent ortemporary disability.

3. The company shall waive insurance premiums if the insured person is permanently or temporarily incapacitated.

4 – Payment of monthly pension (plus the amount of insurance) from the date of death of the insured until the end of the term of insurance

5 – Participation of the insured lottery where the company pays the winner cash and waive the premiums insurance for the remaining period

    Insurance of loans granted to citizens to buy cars or 100 salaries.Collective health insurance: is the insurance that provides the cover of the protection of a number of people who have a common interest (not insurance), such as work relationship, job or study against various risks such as death, accidents and disease.Fire and Theft insurance:  insurance against fire and theft risks for businesses, factories, warehouses, state departments and  housing.

car insurance against the dangers of collisions, coups , theft , fire and damage caused by cars to others.Dear Citizen To find out the insurance premium on your vehicle, please call the company’s phone: 07736677513 or by comments, you must state (type of car, year of manufacture, number of cylinder and car price in the market) so that we can calculate the annual installment and reply you as soon as possible …. Thank you for your contact. With the Iraqi General Insurance Company

Engineering Insurance: Engineering insurance on contracting, our clients are modest, our compensation is guaranteed, our transactions are quick and our procedures are simple.

Marine Insurance: Insurance of goods transported by land, sea and air from outside Iraq or between governorates.

Marine Insurance: The insurance company which covers the carriage of goods by land, sea and air. When the insured (the owner of the goods) obtains the cover of the marine insurance, the insurance company shall be responsible for any damage or theft that affects the goods during the voyage and according to the type of cover according to the request of the insured (Insurance student) Agencies: 1 – cover all the dangers (a): and covers all the risks that affect the goods during the flight in addition to the theft of the total and partial and also include loss and damage to the goods during loading and unloading. Warranty Loss Privacy: Any loss of a full charge unit as well (coup and collision) (C): in the sea without loss of privacy: which does not include the loss of a full shipping unit or the entry of water into the yards (including coupling, colliding and combustion). 4. Normal cover (transport) ): From any Iraqi port or any border port to the warehouses (the final access point) 5 – The theft and the transfer: Which is granted in addition to the transport cover and be according to the request of the insured (student insurance) Shipping: Provide data on the goods to be insured including: 1 – type of goods, type of packaging, origin 2 – mode of transport, final place of arrival 3 – values The insurance cover required to issue the insurance policy as per the insured’s request.

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