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The Iraqi General Insurance Company
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About Iraqi Insurance Company

Company  profile :

The Iraqi General insurance company  is one of the self- financing  companies the Iraqi Ministry of finance . It was established in 1959 it is one of the largest government insurance company in Iraq , which practice all kind of insurance ( fire ,theft ,types of accidents , marine , engineering , complementary cars insurance in addition to insurance guarantees in the  branches of individual and collective ).

The company is managed by a selection of finest  administrative , technical and financial employees , in the field of insurance in addition to the marketing and outlets deployed in many  regions of Baghdad  and all over Iraq , who serve their citizens in a distinctive and continuous manner with the testimony  of insurance document holders .

The company has been entrusted with marketing  its insurance documents throug banks , for example insurance on the life of bank borrowers , as the  company can cover all small and large projects according to their

Financial situation and according to the reinsurance  agreement in progress  with major companies in the world .

The company has been always spreading the insurance awareness to the citizens through electronic networking sites in addition through interning  into the marketing  project .

We wish to point out that the insurance premiums paid by companies are considered taxable , tax accounting and in the tax which dose not include salaries of employees .

Finally the company always seeks to modernige and characterize it works in the field of citizen service and thus will protect economy in general and the insurance .

                                Director General,Chairman

                                  of the Board

                               Haifa Shimon Issa



The Iraqi General Insurance Company

A Governmental Company wholly owned


   The Minstry of Finance

Our company provides all insurance policies

  • Life Insurance : individual documents against deth threats , terrorist acts , accidents and saving documents suitable for all ages
  • A Group health Insurance
  • Insurance against fire risks and theft for shops , factories ,warehouses , state departments and houses
  • Insurance for vehicles and machinery against the dangers of collisions , coups , theft , fire and damages caused by cars to others
  • Insurance for goods transported ( land , sea and air ) inside , outside Iraq
  •    Engineering insurance on contracting

Be assured when cooperate with

We have been working in Iraqi market for more than fifty year

We have six branches in Baghdad ,a branch in the center of each governorate inside Iraq

We have delegates who work at your service ,arrive you at your office simply


******    Modest installments   ******

    ******** Compensation Guaranteed *********

******* Serving you is our main goal ******

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Our main center address :-  IRAQ / Baghdad – karradah , Uqba bin Nafi seq

Types of Insurance service

Fire Insurance
Fire Insurance

Fire insurance Fire documents provide insurance protection against many dangers such as fire and lightning, as well as additional risks for additional premium such as explosion, earthquakes, floods, terrorism, storms, self-combustion, riots, disturbances, pipe rifts, plane crashes and other dangers.

Marine Insurance
Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance (Transfer): is the Insurance that includes the carriage of goods by land, sea and air. When the insured (the owner of the goods) obtains the cover of the marine insurance, the insurance company shall be responsible for any damage or theft of the goods during the voyage and according to the type of cover

Cars Insurance
Cars Insurance

Supplemental insurance on cars Comprehensive insurance on vehicle against the following risks fire, theft, collision, coup and civil liability Third Person) There are additional threats against terrorism (car bombs, sticky packages and booby traps)

Engineering Insurance
Engineering Insurance

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

life insurance provides you with a suitable income for the family in the event of the death of the breadwinner

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